There is a proverb in Tamil saying that "If we handy 10 pepper corns, we can eat in enemies house as well". The proverb trying to say indirectly that Pepper is the best Antidote. Pepper is one of the ingredient in the "ThiriKadugam" (best root medicine in Tamil) which includes Dry ginger, Pepper and cloves. Pepper is used as medicinal spice in our regular food. Sidha Doctor Selva Moorthi from Govt medical college, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu told that adding pepper in our regular food will give more protection than paying huge money for our health Insurance.

Though we use pepper as dry fruit(black pepper) often, in few places white pepper being used which is skin removed. White pepper has less spice. Less nutrient. It can be used for only decorating food and for little bit flavor. Nothing Special in it. So black pepper is the best.

Pepper is a heating agent. Pepper is the no1 medicine to get rid off cold. That is the reason why we slightly sprinkle pepper on food and fruits which makes our body cool to avoid cold. Eating cucumber sprinkled with pepper will make our body cool and at the same time we avoid cold. Its important to add pepper while eating Cucumber, white pumpkin, bottle gourd, watermelon, Pongal which made with green. People who are having cold, cough can add little pepper while drinking milk if they needed to drink. All of the chemicals in pepper are protecting ourselves from diseases and also increases the body's immune system.

Black Pepper is an anti inflamatory , medicine to avoid Rheumatic Disease, Best Appetizer, Expectorant and Anthelmintic. Pepper is the best remedy for nervousness, shivering, trembling, memory impairment, intoxication during dementia. Good pepper will have high level of potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron and magnesium, vitamin C nutrients. Alkaloids in it stimulates the hungry.

Pepper helps to secrete enzymes in the stomach. Also, it helps to secrete saliva. Due to these reason's digestion will be improved automatically. It will avoid gas troubles. Pepper being added as one of the ingredient of all the Sidha medicines, drugs, tablets, Balm as acting agent and Antitoxin.

So Let's start using the pepper for our long and healthy life!!!