Betel leaf has 84.4% water, 3.1% protein, and 0.8% fat. It contains calcium, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamin C. Calorie intake is 44.
    Current research has found that betel contains a highly potent anti-inflammatory substance called Chavicol.
      The betel leaf is rich in calcium and iron. Apart from this betel leaf can be used to cure many diseases.

      Betel has been in use since the time of man. Put 5 betel leaf in half tumbler of coconut oil and let it boil. When the leaf is well reddened, filter and store in a bottle. This oil can be rubbed on the scalp, dandruff, and eczema to avoid them.
      Abdominal pain:
      Grind two teaspoons of cumin and mix it with three teaspoons of butter. Apply this mix on one side of the betel leaves. Dry fry each betel leaf, leave it in a tumbler of water, boil it well, drain it and drink the decoction only once to get rid of stomach ache quickly.
      Squeeze the betel leaf juice and mix it with a little camphor in the juice and apply it to the painful area to cure the headache immediately.
      Scorpion venom:
      Take two betel leaves, fold nine peppercorns in it, put it in the mouth, chew it well, swallow it and chew some coconut pieces, the scorpion venom will break immediately.
      People with diabetes should put two betel leaves in a handful of neem leaves and one handful of Bermuda leaves in 500 ml of water and let it boil well. Leave to boil until the water level drops to 150 ml, then strain and take 50 ml three times a day before meals.
      For ulcers, make a decoction from two betel leaves, 1 handful of fig leaves, and 5 neem leaves and drink it three times a day. Mix two ounces of betel juice, 3 peppercorns, and the same amount of dry ginger with a teaspoon of honey to cure gastritis and breathing trouble.

      Heal burns
      You can bandage betel leave on the burn to cure.
      Other uses:
      Dip betel leaf in oil and slightly broil in candlelight. Patch this leaf on the chest to relieve cough, shortness of breath, and cough in children.

      Mix little lime with betel juice and apply to the throat area to clear the throat pain.

      Scorpion bite venom can be easily removed by drinking betel juice and rubbing it in the mouth.

      Take two or three betel leaves and squeeze the juice, mix 1 teaspoon of honey in it and drink it daily to strengthen the nerves.

      Betel plays an important role in the treatment of cancer.
      Removes mucus, heats, removes rot, increases saliva, stimulates appetite, stimulates milk secretion, and stimulates libido. Compresses the nasal passages and relieves bad breath.
      Betel juice is also used to increase urination. Drinking milk mixed with water and betel juice also will separate urine well.
      Put betel leaf in mustard oil and heat it lightly and put it on the chest to soothe shortness of breath and cough.
      . Betel juice can be given along with any one of the  Kathuri powder, korosanai, or Sanjeevi to ​​children for curing fever and epilepsy. It cures colds, coughs, nausea, and cramps.
      . Heat the betel leaf slightly and put five basil leaves in it, squeeze the juice and give 10 drops to a 10-month-old baby in the morning and evening to cure a cold and cough. Put the roasted betel leaves on the chest to reduce colds.
      In the case of constipation in children, the betel leaf stalk is dipped in castor oil and passed into the anus. The child will get relaxed from constipation.
      Grinding betel leaves and applying is good for gout and pain in the scrotum, swelling, etc.
      15 ml of Kammaru betel juice can be taken along with warm water to cure Stomach pain, bloating, sluggishness, epilepsy, cold, headache, dehydration.
      Apply a little castor oil on the betel leaf and lightly bandage on the tumors to break up. Better to do this at night.
      Asthma can be cured by taking an equal amount of Sukku, Pepper, and cloves with betel juice, honey mix. 5 g of extract + 10 ml. Mix 10 g of betel juice with honey and eat it in the morning and evening for 48-96 days.
      After the baby is born, apply a little bit of castor oil on the betel leaves put it on the breast. This will help the mother secretes more milk.
      Take a small amount of betel root and chew it in the mouth to create a rich voice. So musicians use it a lot.
      For lung-related diseases, mix an equal amount of betel juice and ginger juice and drink.
      Children can be given a decoction of peppermint with betel leaves to relieve indigestion and appetite.
      Betel juice helps to fight microbial infections. Betel juice can provide proper relief for sinus problems.
      Betel leaf is used to relieve stomach upset, relieve colic and increase digestive power. Chewing betel leaves will cure constipation. Make hungry. Mouth ulcers and stomach ulcers will go away.
      It is also known as naga leaf as it has the ability to break even the venom of the snake.