Benefits of gray pumpkin

Gray pumpkin is a vegetable belonging to the genus vine. It is gray in color and looks like a pumpkin. It is also known as summer pumpkin. It is rich in Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin-C, and minerals like Calcium and Potassium. 100 grams of fruit contains 26 calories. It has no fat and no cholesterol. It contains fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins for digestion.

There are two types of pumpkins. One is a yellow pumpkin and the other is a gray pumpkin. Both of these pumpkins are used as food and medicine. The high potassium in gray gourd helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Gray pumpkin is 96 percent water. Gray pumpkin is the most suitable food for weight loss. Gray pumpkin is mentioned in Ayurveda as a wonderful vegetable for maintaining good health.

Medicinal uses of gray pumpkin

1. Gray pumpkin has body strengthening properties. It has the ability to cure neurasthenia and stomach ulcers, stomach irritation, bile diseases, kidney disorders, etc.
2. Obesity can be avoided by consuming gray pumpkin. Also, the gray pumpkin gives coolness to the body.
3. Gray pumpkin cures epilepsy. Gray pumpkin is used to relieve excess heat in the body.
4. Gray pumpkin is also used as a medicine to cure nerve and brain diseases like epilepsy and mental illness.
5. Gray pumpkin also helps in curing asthma and kidney stones.
6. Protects skin health and mucous membrane areas. Gray pumpkin also helps to improve eyesight.
7. It also contains good fatty acid which is essential for our skin. Gray pumpkin is also rich in Vitamin E, Zinc, and Magnesium which cause skin glow.
8. Gray pumpkin seeds are also used as an insecticide to expel tapeworms.
9. Gray pumpkin has the ability to solve the problems of body heat, irritation, waterlogging, etc.
10. People suffering from body aches can get rid of it by eating gray pumpkin.