We would have seen the Leucus plant many times in the villages without knowing its medicinal benefits. Let's see its benefits.

1. Grind the leucas flower with cow's milk and eat to stop the hiccups.

2. Grind the leucas leaves with peppercorn and eat. Also, apply to the body to expel toxins. 

3. Grind the leucus leaf with scorpion leaf(Heliotropium Indicum or Sensitive plant) and apply to bite part to get rid of scorpion venom.

4. Grind the root of leucus with the root of catunaregam spinos(Randia Dumetorum) and apply it to the body. After 10 minutes take a bath to reduce body heat quickly.

5. Grind leucus flower with bracteate birth wort seeds and drink with milk daily to increase masculinity. 

6. Grind cumin seeds with any one of the leucus juice, mukia maderaspatana juice, centella asiatica juice and eat daily to cure weakness of the heart. The fatigue after the fever will be resolved. It increases appetite. Jaundice, Bile dizziness, and vomiting will be cured. It increases memory.

7. Take 200 ml of leucus juice, 100 ml of onion juice, 150 ml of cow ghee, and 150 ml of castor oil and boil them. Once cool down, distill this mixture and give a quarter teaspoon to the kids. This will cure vomiting, diarrhea, constipation. It makes them active. Insects in the stomach are expelled. The body warms up and the baby grows healthy.

8. Drink leucus juice mixed with buttermilk to eliminate indigestion, diarrhea, sluggishness.

9. Grind leucus flower with thorn apple flower and mix it with beech oil. Filter the oil once they mixed well. Use this oil as an ear drop to cure ear infections, ear abscesses, and ear noise

10. Grind leucus flower with hing and mix it with mustard oil and heat. Filter the oil once cools down. Use this oil as an ear drop to cure ear decay.

11. Mix leucus juice with honey and heat. Cooldown and give it child to get rid of pus.

12. Mix 200 ml of leucus juice, 100 ml of Donkey urine, 200 ml of Ghee together and bring to boil until becomes wax consistency. Apply this wax on the sore to cure quickly.

13. Mix 10 ml of leucus leaf juice, 10 ml of lemon juice, 5 ml of onion juice, 5 ml of any oil, and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. This will cure menorrhagia. 

14. Take an equal amount of leucus leaf with pergularia daemia leaf and grind them. Take 10g of this powder with cow milk to remove the health issues caused by the menstrual cycle.

15. Boil goat's milk mixed with leucus flower. Drinking this milk in the morning on an empty stomach for forty days continuously will cure diseases related to the uterus.

16. Grind leucus flower with pepper and apply it to the forehead to get rid of headaches, dizziness, and dehydration.

17. Take an equal amount of leucus leaf juice with fruit juice and drink to get rid of gas trouble.

18. Take a little bit of leucus root powder daily to cure the halving tumor. 

19. Snakebite poison can be removed by dropping leucus juice into the eyes, ears, and nose and drinking a little bit of juice.

20. Mixing leucus juice with milk and drinking will cure hemorrhage, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids.

21. Grind the leucus leaf and eat and apply it to the insect bite part to cure. Psoriasis and itching caused by insect bites will disappear.

22. Grind leucus leaf, Indigofera tinctoria leaf, and pepper and eat and apply it all over the body. This will remove any poison caused by insect bites.

23. Applying Leucus flower, moonbeam flower, Tamarind flower, beech flower, sesame flower, long pepper in the eyes will cure vision issues. Eye vision becomes clearer.

24. Mix 500 ml of leucus juice with 500ml of coconut oil and apply them to the body frequently. This will cure scars, sores.

25. Make powder of leucus root, turkey berry root, elm seed waste and use it as smokeless tobacco for snuffing. This will cure headaches, runny nose, and diseases of the head.

26. Grind Leucus leaf, Acalypha Indica leaf, False daisy leaves and eat daily to cure diseases and mental disorders in the body. Immunity will increase. We can live without disease.

Use the leacus flower, leaves going forward and stay with a healthy life.