Name of the herb -: Peimiratti (means demon intimidator).


Plant Family -: LAMIACEAE.

Other names in Tamil -: Irattai piramattai, Irattai Peimiratti, Erumuttai Pee nari, slightly rounded-leafed species called Otrai peimiratti and Vedhupadaki.

Plant structure-: It grows all over Tamil Nadu. Opposite pale deciduous, odor smell plant with long leaves and crimson cluster flowers. Grows to about three feet tall. The plant is drought tolerant. Propagated by seeds and stems.

Useful parts - throughout the plant. (Samoolam)

Medical Benefits: It has the properties of increasing appetite, eliminating flatulence, increasing sweating, relieving constipation, recover the nerve appear on muscles, and alleviating ascites. It will help to cure conjunctivitis, diarrhea, stomach ailments, high fever. 

Before seeing the method of use, let's see the below terms used in Siddha medicine.

Samoolam- means a mix of the root, leaf, stem, flower, and bark of a plant. The word is used in medicine.

Gorasuram- means high fever.

Kiyalamittu - means to grind like a liquid pulp.

Allumandam - A child suffering from abdominal pain.

Rootchai - is a disease that affects children.

Method of use: 

Its samoolam has a bitter taste. Grind this into a pulp and provide to cure Vomiting, cough, fever with sputum. Add a handful of samoolam to a clay pot with 1/2 liter water and boil until it is reduced to a 1/8 ratio. Filter this water and give 1/2 ounce daily twice. Add 3g of ajwain and 10g peppercorns into a pan and fry until it starts burning. To this, add a 1/2 liter water with 40g chopped anisomeles malabarica leaves, and boil it until it is reduced to 125ml. Filter this water and feed 15ml daily 3 times. Such treatments are essential for treating diarrhea in children during teething. Add this liquid into a pan with hot water and take a vapor bath to get rid of the fever, headache, etc.

Boil the leaf and take a vapor bath. It will cure rheumatism. Give 5 drops of leaf juice to children in hot water to cure diarrhea during toothing. Boil the leaf in water and drink it in the morning and evening to cure all kinds of fever. Cholera may be simply and successfully treated by giving this leaf boiled water every one hour. 

In this species, the longleaf plant is called an irattai peimiratti and the round leaf is called an otrai peimiratti. These are considered male and female respectively. Experts believe that the female leaf is suitable for the treatment of diseases seen in male children and the male leaf is suitable for the treatment of diseases seen in women.

In villages, neem leaves are used to treat any diseases and to remove negative energy from the body. Similarly, this plant also can be used. Hence it is called peimiratti

The leaf of the demon intimidator is said to be hot and will cure white diarrhea, gallstones, fever, rheumatism, urticaria.

The green leaf can be used as a wick for lanterns. It will glow very well.