Ginseng root

A root is selling like hot cakes in the United States and England. Its name is Ginseng. It is produced in China.

They grind this root and drink it. They make pills with this root swallowed. It is taken mixed with tea and coffee. They drink along with alcohol. They apply and rub the body along with soap.

The reason is that ginseng tends to increase masculinity. It is good medicine for malaria,  headache, cancer, and the common cold.

Ginseng has been grown in China for over 5,000 years.

In 1948, a young Russian scientist gave ginseng root to soldiers. Immediately they became more active and worked. Since then ginseng root has become popular in Europe. The United States has bought ginseng roots for billions of rupees in recent years.

Several international conferences are being held to examine the medicinal properties of ginseng. However, Chinese and Korean doctors are now concluding that the body will be healthier if continue to eat ginseng root.

Their experiments have shown that ginseng enhances brain activity and memory.