Crape Jasmine flower

Crape Jasmine, commonly called pinwheel flower, Tabernaemontana divaricata, East India rosebay, and Nero's crown is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. In zones where it is not hardy, it is grown as a house/glasshouse plant for its attractive flowers and foliage.

There can be no one who does not smell the scent of flowers. These flowers have the ability to cure diseases with their fragrance. Flowers are one of the most important ingredients in any ritual in the world.

The medicinal properties of flowers are immense. There is a medical method called floral medicine which cures many diseases with help of only flowers. 

In this post, we will learn about the medicinal properties of the Crape Jasmine flower.

It belongs to the fern class plants. Flowers white in color and with single or double layers. The single-layer flower is best for medicine. It is a succulent and milky sap plant.

Its flower, root, and milk are all medicinal.

It is also known as Nandipathiri, Nathiyavartham, Pattidai, Valampuri, and Suyodhanan Malai in Tamil.

Crape Jasmine is very useful in Sidha and Ayurvedic medicine.

Get rid of eye diseases

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body.

It is very important to protect the eyes. We are not giving proper rest to the eyes. All the work is done by the computer which puts a lot of work on the eyes. There are also a number of other factors are affecting the eyes such as daytime running lights and television screen lights. This causes the eye nerves to become hot due to working without sleep at night.

Similarly, even if the liver is affected, vision problems can occur. Many people today say long sight problems in their 40s. And even small children wear glasses with no exception. Eye laser surgeries are becoming more common and people spending a lot of money. Crape jasmine flower is the best medicine to change this condition.

If you take Crape jasmine flower juice and leave a small drop in the eyes, it will cure the vision of the eye, cataract, etc.

Take crape jasmine flowers and dry them in the shade and make powder. Take a spoon mixed with milk and drink to cure eye and vision problems. It will strengthen the nerves of the eye.

Reduce the risk of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest diseases in human history. Tuberculosis kills millions of people every year in India. The Crape jasmine flower helps to get rid of the effects of this disease.

Dry the flowers in the shade and make powder. Take this powder with honey every morning and evening to get rid of fatigue and cough caused by tuberculosis. The body will be strengthened. Also, make glowing to the body.

To cure headache

To some people, it may seem like a head punch without a headache. This is due to an increase in bile and water retention in the head.

If they grind Crape jasmine flower and stick it on the forehead, the problem will be cured.

Eliminate eye irritation

Mixing the sesame oil with the juice of the crape jasmine flower and leaving it in the eyes will relieve eye irritation and reduce body heat.

Heal the incised wound

If you grind crape jasmine flower and apply it to the cut wound, the wound will heal quickly without getting pus.

We will protect ourselves from disease by using such beneficial crape jasmine flower