I went to an old age home and talked to the manager there for a while. I have been acquainted with him for almost 10 years.

A donor who was there at the time said he would like to donate food for lunch on the occasion of his daughter's birthday.

He added, "On that day, at 12 noon, bananas, sweets, beeda, vada, and food will arrive at the old age home. The utensils that brought the food should be washed very clean when returning to the cafe".

The hotel he ordered food from was very costly. Rs. 150/- for a special meal.

When he left, the manager of the old age home said a few things to me. Below are a few points.

I appreciate them and their intention of donating food. But, 

Most old age homes have their own kitchen and people to cook for themselves. Here we cook food that is easily digested to suit the body of the elderly and does not cause any allergies.

Due to the enthusiasm of our people and interest, to earn good karma, they come here on their special day to donate food with parotta, Chili parota, Kothu parota, Tandoori food, Sweet, Noodles, Fried Rice. For a 70-year-old grandmother, the lentils added in the sambar itself make an acidity problem without being digested.

Many old people drink liquid food like mashed rice and Idli soaked in sambar. What will happen if they eat parotta and chicken curry.

Especially the sambar and Karakuzhambu that we usually eat in the restaurant itself will not suitable for them. Hotel food is all for people up to the age of 40. If they eat so much salt and spice for 2 consecutive days, these old people will not be able to eat anything for the next 4-5 days.

Last month someone came in the winter and donated a meal with ice cream for these old people. To be specific, He is the manager of a software company. He gets a monthly salary of over Rs 1 lakh.

In the early days, we used to tell people who came to donate that give us money instead of food. Some bought it as groceries. But, many people pretend that everything has to happen in front of their eyes and they have to serve food to 4 people by their hand. Many do not come forward with the misconception that we will sell groceries outside or we do cheat on the direct money.

There is a lot of medical costs involved as equal to the cost of food in an old age home. It's a bit hassle-free just because there are some good doctors here to do basic tests for the elderly like service without charge. That's why we are able to manage. Otherwise, it will be very difficult. 

The hotel charges Rs.100 per meal. But when we cook here ourselves, it can be as high as Rs. 45 / - per person per meal. That too is a meal for the elderly with no side effects.

The money a person donates to an old age home help for other expenses too like medicine, blankets, soap, oil, toothpaste, disinfectant, clothing, building/garden maintenance, staff salaries, barber salaries, etc.

What's worse than being hungry is that the food we donate is not digested properly and gets sick.

Thus the manager concluded by saying what was on his mind.

So friends, Do not seek sin, in the name of seeking good karma. If possible donate as money to the old age or orphanage. They know what they need. Your money will not be wasted. Also do not take selfies or photographs for social media publicity. You could take a snap for your memories if you need.

Help without any expectation, that will make everyone happy!!!