There is so much psychology in a coffee powder canister lid. 

It's not fiction.

Lets everyone learn a *lesson*

Its a great *Event.*

It's a remote town in Kerala. Between 8 cents land, approximately a house built for 3 cents in the center.

There were many trees around the house. The constant monsoon rains and the cool climate left the trees with greenish-stained bark.

Every side you look at is green and cold.

The house next to this house is our house. It cannot be said that it is a neighboring house. Next house to be exact.

There was an old couple in that house. No one seems to have come looking for them. It was as if everyone was abroad. We are a newly married young couple. The baby should be born soon. On weekdays, both of us only have time to go to and from work.

Somehow we become closure and it has become our habit that every Sunday evening we have coffee at their pleasure garden.

After drinking coffee and talking for an hour only we will return home. It will be nice to relax.

It was a pleasure to drink coffee and chat with them without any rush in the mild cold weather.

Every Sunday when we go to their house, that grandmother can't able open the lid of the coffee can. She used to give it to her husband and ask him to open it. That grandfather will open it and give it.

Grandpa would also twirl his mustache in style and open it with a triumphant grin.

Grandma walked into the kitchen with a shy smile.

I observed this for two or three weeks.

When we were gone last week, we bought Grandma a device to easily open the lid.

Our Sunday evening visit is, as usual, this week. As usual, Grandma approached Grandpa with a can of coffee. Grandpa opened it with a smile.

Grandma went inside.

As soon as the grandmother went inside, my wife followed.

"Grandma, why don't you use that device and open the can. You forgot?" she asked.

The highlight of this story is what Grandma said with a smile!

"My dear child, there is no tool needed to open this lid. I can open it myself. When I ask him to open it, he has pride that he is stronger than me. He feels very Happy"

He will be proud to be the man of this house. It is a kind of joy he feels that he is still useful to our house. He will have thought that I am still dependent on him for small things.

Living together is the basis of married life. It's only a short time to live. Let us live happily together without thinking that we are useless to anyone. That's what this drama is for," Grandma said.

I couldn't speak for a while. So much stuff in this lid?

Do not underestimate the elderly. Their actions also have meaning. How beautifully they say that no one should have a thought that they are of no use to anyone. They change their tasks accordingly.

All these subjects are not taught in any school.

We should learn by watching grandparents like this. For that, they have to be with us. 🤝🏻